MUSIKERE/SANGERE der er nævnt på denne hjemmeside. (Klik på en overskrift for at sortere efter denne, og vælg evt. en gruppe)
Navn Født Fødested Død Instrumenter Bands
Alan Cave England bassoon  The Albion Band
Alan Lumsden England ophicleide The Albion Band
Andrew Giddings 1963 England, Pembury, Kent keyboards, accordion, bass Jethro Tull
Andrew Sinclair 1967 England, Carlisle guitars Steeleye Span
Andy Roberts 1946 England, Harrow, Middlesex electric guitar, vocals The Albion Band
Ashley Hutchings 1945 England, Southgate bass guitar Fairport Convention,The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Ashley Reed England violin, vocals The Albion Band
Barriemore Barlow 1949 England, Birmingham drums, percussion Jethro Tull
Barry Dransfield 1947 England, Harrogate, Yorkshire violin, dulcimer, vocals The Albion Band
Benji Kirkpatrick 1976 England, Shropshire Steeleye Span
Bill Caddick 1944 England, Hurst Hill, Wolverhampton vocals, triangle The Albion Band
Bob Brady England piano Fairport Convention
Bob Johnson 1944 England, London guitars, vocals Steeleye Span
Brian Protheroe 1944 England, Salisbury, Wiltshire keyboards, vocals The Albion Band
Bruce Rowland 1941 England, Middlesex 2015 drums Fairport Convention
Cathy Lesurf 1953 England, Stevenage, Hertfordshire vocals The Albion Band
Chris Leslie 1956 England, Banbury, Oxfordshire fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, vocal Fairport Convention,The Albion Band
Chris Staines England bass Steeleye Span
Chris While 1956 England Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbris vocals, guitar The Albion Band
Clive Bunker 1946 England, Luton, Bedfordshire drums, percussion Jethro Tull
Colin Ross 1934 England, Donkin Terace, North Shields northumbrian small pipes The Albion Band
Dan Ar Braz 1949 Frankrig, Bretagne guitar Fairport Convention
Dave Bland England concertina The Albion Band
Dave Mattacks 1948 England, Edgeware, Middlesex drums, keyboards, bass guitar Fairport Convention,The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Dave Pegg 1947 England, Birmingham bass guitar, mandolin, backing vocal Fairport Convention,Jethro Tull
Dave Swarbrick 1941 England, London 2016 fiddle, mandolin, vocal Fairport Convention
Dave Whetstone England vocals, concertina, melodeon, guitar The Albion Band
David Goodier 1954 England bass Jethro Tull
David Rea 1946 USA, Ohio 2011 guitar Fairport Convention
Dee Palmer England, Wolverhampton keyboards Jethro Tull
Doane Perry 1954 USA, New York drums, percussion, vocals Jethro Tull
Dolly Collins 1933 England, Hastings, Sussex 1995 piano The Albion Band
Doug Morter England guitar, vocals The Albion Band
Eddie Upton England vocals, caller The Albion Band
Eric Hine England keyboards The Albion Band
Florian Opahle 1983 Tyskland electric and acoustic guitars Jethro Tull
Francis Baines England hurdy-gurdy The Albion Band
Gay Woods 1948 Irland, Dublin vocals, bodhran Steeleye Span
Gerry Conway 1947 England, King’s Lynn, Norfolk drums, percussion Fairport Convention,Jethro Tull,Fotheringay
Gillie Nicholls England vocals, guitar The Albion Band
Glenn Cornick 1947 England, Lancashire 2014 bass guitar Jethro Tull
Graeme Taylor 1954 England, Stockwell, South-West London guitar The Albion Band
Howard Evans 1944 England, Chard, Somerset trumpet  The Albion Band
Iain Matthews 1946 England, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire vocal Fairport Convention
Ian Anderson 1947 Skotland, Dunfermline, Fife vocals, flute, guitar, other instruments Jethro Tull
Ian Whiteman England piano The Albion Band
Jean-Pierre Rasle England recorder, crumhorn, bagpipes The Albion Band
Jeffrey Hammond 1946 England, Blackpool, Lancashire bass  Jethro Tull
Jerry Donahue 1946 USA, New York guitar Fairport Convention,Fotheringay
Jessie May-Smart England violin Steeleye Span
Joe Broughton England violin  The Albion Band
John Evan 1948 England, Blackpool, Lancashire keyboards Jethro Tull
John Glascock 1951 England, London 1979 bass, vocals Jethro Tull
John Kirkpatrick 1947 England, London vocals, concertina, melodeon, accordion The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
John Maxwell England 2001 vocals, drums, percussion The Albion Band
John O’Hara England keyboards, accordion, vocals Jethro Tull
John Rodd England concertina The Albion Band
John Shepherd England keyboards The Albion Band
John Sothcott England vielle, crumhorn, citole The Albion Band
John Tams 1949 England, Holbrook, Derbyshire vocals, melodeon The Albion Band
John Watcham England concertina The Albion Band
Jonathan Noyce 1971 England, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire bass, percussion Jethro Tull
Judy Dyble 1949 England, London vocal Fairport Convention
Julian Littman England guitars Steeleye Span
Julie Matthews 1953 England, Sheffield, Yorkshire vocals, keyboards, guitar The Albion Band
Keith Hinchcliffe England guitar The Albion Band
Kellie While 1976 England, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria vocals, guitar The Albion Band
Ken Nicol 1951 England, Preston, Lancashire vocals, guitar The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Lal Waterson 1943 England, Hull 1998 vocals The Albion Band
Liam Genockey 1948 Irland, Dublin drums, percussion Steeleye Span
Linda Thompson 1947 England, Hackney, London vocals The Albion Band
Lol Coxhill 1932 England, Portsmouth, Hampshire 2012 saxophone The Albion Band
Maartin Allcock 1957 England, Manchester guitar, mandolin, keyboard, vocal Fairport Convention,Jethro Tull
Maddy Prior 1947 England, Blackpool, Lancashire vocals The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Mark Craney 1952 USA, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2005 drums Jethro Tull
Mark Williamson England bass Steeleye Span
Martin Barre 1946 England, Kings Heath, Birmingham guitars, mandolin, lute, flute Jethro Tull
Martin Bell England vocals, violin, synthesizer The Albion Band
Martin Carthy 1941 England, Hatfield, Hertfordshire vocals, guitar The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Martin Lamble 1949 England 1969 drums Fairport Convention
Martin Simpson 1953 England, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire banjo, guitar, vocals The Albion Band
Melanie Harrold 1951 England, Cornwall flute organ, guitar, vocals The Albion Band
Michael Gregory England drums The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Mick Abrahams 1943 England, Luton, Bedfordshire guitar, vocals Jethro Tull
Mike Waterson 1941 England, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire 2011 vocals The Albion Band
Neil Marshall England drums  The Albion Band
Nic Jones 1947 England, Orpington, London violin The Albion Band
Nigel Pegrum 1949 England, North Wales drums, percussion, flute Steeleye Span
Pat Donaldson 1943 Skotland, Edingburgh bass guitar Fotheringay
Paul Warren England drums Fairport Convention
Pete Bullock England piano, synthesizer, saxophone, clarinet The Albion Band
Pete Zorn 1950 USA, Somerset, Pennsylvania 2016 saxophone, vocals The Albion Band,Steeleye Span
Peter Knight 1947 England, London strings, keyboards, guitars, vocals Steeleye Span
Peter-John Vettese 1956 Skotland, Brechin, Angus keyboards, vocoder Jethro Tull
Phil Beer 1953 England, Exminster, Devon vocals, guitar, mandolin, violin The Albion Band
Philip Pickett 1950 England, London recorder, shawms, crumhorn, bagpipes The Albion Band
Ric Sanders 1952 England, Birmingham fiddles, occasional keyboards Fairport Convention,The Albion Band
Richard Thompson 1949 England, London guitar, vocal Fairport Convention,The Albion Band
Rick Kemp 1941 England, Little Hanford, Dorset bass, drums, vocals Steeleye Span
Roger Burridge England mandolin, fiddle Fairport Convention
Roger Hill 1945 England 2011 guitar, vocal Fairport Convention
Roger Powell England drums The Albion Band
Roger Swallow 1946 England, Northampton drums The Albion Band
Royston Wood England 1998 vocals, percussion The Albion Band
Sandy Denny 1947 England 1978 vocal Fairport Convention,Fotheringay
Scott Hammond 1973 England, Bristol drums Jethro Tull
Shaun Frater England drums Fairport Convention
Shirley Collins 1935 England, Hastings, Sussex vocals The Albion Band
Simon Care England concertina, melodeon The Albion Band
Simon Nicol 1950 England, London guitar, vocal Fairport Convention,The Albion Band
Steve Ashley 1946 England, London harmonica, whistle, vocals The Albion Band
Steve Migden England french horn The Albion Band
Steve Saunders England trombone  The Albion Band
Sue Draheim 1949 USA, Oakland, California 2013 violin The Albion Band
Sue Harris England oboe, hammered dulcimer, vocals The Albion Band
Terl Bryant England drums, percussion Steeleye Span
Terry Woods 1947 Irland, Dublin guitars, concertina, vocals Steeleye Span
Tim Harries 1959 England bass, piano, guitars, vocals Steeleye Span
Tim Hart 1948 England, Lincoln, Lincolnshire 2009 guitars, dulcimer, mandolin, vocals Steeleye Span
Tim Renwick 1949 England, Cambridge guitar The Albion Band
Tom Farnell England drums Fairport Convention
Tony Hall England melodeon The Albion Band
Tony Iommi 1948 England, Handsworth, Birmingha guitar Jethro Tull
Trevor Crozier England, Cornwall jew’s harp The Albion Band
Trevor Foster England drums The Albion Band
Trevor Lucas 1943 Australien, Bungaree, Victoria 1989 guitar, vocal Fairport Convention,Fotheringay